Practical waterproof specifications and various dials

If you purchase them separately, you can easily switch from the connected watch to a connected or mechanical watch, then from a mechanical watch to a connected watch depending on your mood of the day. Of course, the mechanical watch head module is relatively more expensive than that of the connected watch (especially in the case of the high complication Heuer 02-T version), but some replica watch enthusiasts who want to enjoy the analog (mechanical) existing and smartwatch at the same time It can replica watches be quite interesting change for them.And it supports 50m, which is more waterproof than existing connected. It is more practical with specifications that allow you to enjoy showering, swimming, running, skiing and mountain climbing. Furthermore, various training records can be saved and recorded in real time via the built-in GPS, and can be managed via the newly introduced Android Connected App. The front touch screen uses an AMOLED display which ensures a clear screen and supports 30 types of different dials (dials) representing brand identity, easily editable by selecting an option.

In addition to the basic dial, you can freely select the color of the dial, the shape of the hands and indexes, and the color of the luminous tip, and you can also connect your favorite applications to the home screen. You can also download a new version of the connected watch face via an Android connected app update in the future. Mechanically speaking, the new TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 is powered by the Intel® Atom™ Z34XX series processor, powered by the new updated Android 2.0. It provides several additional functions via the Android Wear system along with various connection options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS.

It has a memory capacity of 4 GB and is equipped with a latest generation lithium battery, which guarantees more than 29 hours of basic operation in actual operation. Basically, it syncs easily with mobile phones running Android 4.3 or later or iOS 8.2 or later and can be replica omega charged by simply placing it on top via the included charger. Please note that the warranty period for the product is 2 years. TAG Heuer's next generation connected watch, the Connected Modular 45, promises to be presented in more detail later in the Basel World Report or in a separate column.