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Vision & Mission


The Livestock and Dairy Development Department Balochistan envisions a sustainable livestock sector that positively impacts the economic growth and social well-being of the province. Our approach to realizing this vision is centered around innovative and technology-driven solutions that promote the efficient utilization of resources, improved animal health and welfare, and increased productivity and profitability for all stakeholders in the industry.

Our ultimate goal is to establish a vibrant and competitive livestock sector that creates new avenues for employment and income generation, enhances food security and nutrition, and contributes to the sustainable development of rural and urban communities in Balochistan. We recognize the potential of the livestock industry to boost the province’s economy, and we are committed to leveraging cutting-edge technologies and best practices to realize this potential.

To achieve our vision, we will prioritize collaborations with public and private sector stakeholders, such as farmers, industry associations, research institutions, and development partners. We will also invest in human capacity development, including training programs and skills development initiatives, to ensure that the workforce is equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate in a rapidly evolving industry.

Our focus will be on promoting environmentally sustainable livestock production practices, including the efficient use of natural resources, the promotion of biodiversity, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We will also prioritize animal welfare, recognizing the importance of humane treatment and care of livestock for sustainable production.

Our vision for the Livestock and Dairy Development Department Balochistan is centered around creating a sustainable, innovative, and competitive livestock sector that enhances the livelihoods of all stakeholders, contributes to the province’s economic growth, and ensures the sustainable development of rural and urban communities in Balochistan.


Our mission is to promote and support the sustainable development of the livestock sector in Balochistan by creating a policy environment that enables farmers to fully realize the benefits of livestock farming. We believe that this can be achieved through a combination of strategic public investments in core public goods and the incentivization of private capital and initiatives in the sector.

Our focus is on poverty alleviation, food security, and the generation of exportable surpluses that can contribute to the economic growth of the province. To achieve these objectives, we will work closely with stakeholders across the livestock value chain, including farmers, input providers, processors, and exporters.

Our approach is based on the smart deployment of public investments in core public goods, such as animal health services, infrastructure, and research and development. By improving the quality and accessibility of these services, we aim to increase the productivity and profitability of livestock farming, while also enhancing animal welfare and public health.

At the same time, we recognize the critical role of private capital and initiative in driving innovation and entrepreneurship in the sector. To this end, we will work to create a policy environment that incentivizes private investment, supports business development, and promotes value addition and market access for livestock products.

Overall, our mission is to create a sustainable and competitive livestock sector in Balochistan that delivers social and economic benefits for all stakeholders, while also contributing to the broader development goals of the province.