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Rules of Business

S No. Rule of Business
1 Promotion of Livestock Farms (Sheep, Goats, Cattle, Camels, Poultry and other Animals
2 Livestock production extension services, feed resources and animal breeding
3 Prevention and control of animal and poultry diseases including quarantine system.
4 Veterinary training and capacity building.
5 Prevention of cruelty to animals.
6 Vaccination and animal health coverage.
7 Research in various disciplines of livestock and poultry production and their health.
8 Livestock breed conservation.
9 Inspection of meat and milk.
10 Registration and issuance of licenses for manufacturing and selling of veterinary pharmaceutical, drugs and stores
11 Prevention of diseases from animal to humans.
12 Storage of medicines, vaccines and scientific equipments.
13 Value addition and marketing of livestock and poultry products and by-products.
14 Slaughter House/Abattoir Management.
15 Enforcement of livestock related laws.
16 Registration and inspection of all kinds of livestock, dairy and poultry farms
17 All Service matters of the employees of the Attached Departments, which does not include employees of the Secretariat and except those matters entrusted to Services and General Administration Department or to any other Department.]