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Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP)

The Pakistan Citizen’s Portal (PCP) is an online platform launched by the Government of Pakistan in 2018 to facilitate communication between citizens and the government. The portal aims to provide a one-stop-shop for citizens to register their complaints, give feedback, and make suggestions on various government services.

Through the PCP, citizens can register their complaints and track their status in real-time. The portal has a user-friendly interface that allows citizens to submit their complaints, feedback, or suggestions through a variety of channels, including web, mobile app, and SMS.

The PCP also provides a mechanism for the government to address citizens’ grievances and monitor the performance of various government departments. The portal tracks the progress of complaints and generates reports for government officials to take necessary actions.

Overall, the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal is an innovative initiative by the government to improve public service delivery and enhance citizen-government interaction.

Overseas Pakistanis can raise their issues on the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal (PCP) by using the following options:-

By using Mobile App (People having smart phones)
Android Link:

IOS Link:
By using Web-Access (People having no smart phones)
By Participation in Khuli Kachehris
Overseas Pakistanis can participate in e-Kachehris which are being scheduled as per SOPs on Facebook, Radio or TV by 24 Federal Organizations (List attached).
Manual Complaint lodging facility
Overseas Pakistanis who are either illiterate or physically challenged, or aged or women/widows can lodge their written complaints as per SOPs through PCP-Dashboards. In this regard, all dashboards of MOFA and its Foreign Mission are authorized to do so.
Help-line for Guidance