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Departmental Functions

Our Approach to Making a Difference

1. Enhancing Livestock Productivity We’re committed to modernizing livestock practices for healthier animals and better-quality products. By introducing innovative breeding techniques, sharing effective animal husbandry methods, and ensuring access to top-notch livestock breeds, we’re dedicated to elevating the livelihoods of farmers and improving livestock quality.

2. Dairy Development Milk is more than just a product – it’s a source of livelihood. We’re here to champion modern dairy farming practices that lead to increased milk production. Supporting dairy cooperatives, offering technical guidance for milk processing, and creating value-added units, we’re making dairy farming a cornerstone of prosperity.

3. Disease Control and Management Healthy animals mean thriving communities. We’re on the frontlines, implementing strategies to prevent and manage livestock diseases. With vaccination programs, disease surveillance mechanisms, and accessible veterinary services, we’re ensuring that every corner of Balochistan has access to the care they need.

4. Livestock Nutrition and Feed Management Balanced nutrition is the foundation of thriving livestock. We’re setting guidelines for optimal nutrition, promoting the cultivation of essential feed crops, and establishing programs for the sustainable growth of fodder. Healthier animals, healthier communities.

5. Livestock Marketing and Promotion Fairness in trade benefits everyone. We’re creating regulated livestock markets that uphold ethical trading practices. By offering training in marketing techniques to farmers and sharing market insights, we’re fostering an environment where every stakeholder thrives.

6. Capacity Building and Training Empowerment through education is our goal. We’re organizing training programs for both farmers and extension workers, enhancing veterinary skills through continuous education, and raising awareness about modern livestock practices that lead to sustainable success.

7. Research and Development Innovation drives progress. Through adaptive research and collaborations with institutions, we’re addressing local livestock challenges. By developing improved livestock breeds and introducing groundbreaking technologies, we’re paving the way for a resilient and prosperous future.

8. Welfare and Health of Animals Animals deserve our care and respect. We’re enforcing welfare standards, advocating for ethical treatment, and collaborating with animal welfare organizations. Together, we’re building a future where the well-being of animals is a shared responsibility.

Administrative Matters We’re ensuring smooth operations. From managing our dedicated team to handling budgets and coordination with other departments, we’re working tirelessly to lay the foundation for effective and integrated development.